F1 Cars Will Be As Fast As 10 Years Ago, Says Mark Webber

F1 Cars Will Be As Fast As 10 Years Ago, Says Mark Webber

If this upcoming season wasn’t exciting enough for F1 fans, we’ve just had further confirmation from our favourite Australian that next season will be great.

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Retired racing driver Mark Webber has told Motorsport.com that this year’s F1 cars will be producing similar lap times to those 10 years ago.

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That was the era before DRS, small ‘eco-friendly’ engines and electric motors when, arguably, F1 was last at its raucous best.

But following the rule changes that are being enforced this year, Webber thinks the cars will be as fast as the V8 monsters from the mid-2000s.

He said: ‘The sporting side should be a good step forward. The cars are going to be quicker than they’ve been for a long time. The drivers will be earning their money again, and they’ll be sweating on the podium again, which will be great.

‘They’ll be going back to lap times like we used to do 10 years ago. I think that will be a good visual to watch. The cars are going to have a lot more downforce, but it’s going to be more power-sensitive than ever. You’ll need a bigger engine, more than you ever have done, because of wider tyres and more drag.’

Even with the new regulations, there are trade-offs and Webber highlighted them, saying: ‘The cars are getting quite heavy, with the wider tyres, which is a bit unfortunate – because it will slow them down. The cars will look all right, apart from the rubbish-profile tyre. We need a bigger profile tyre.’

With the first test in three weeks, we’ll see if he’s right! But we think he’ll be gutted not to give these new cars a go.


Here’s a look at the basic regulation changes to the look of the 2017 car, illustrated by famous F1 technical journalist Giorgio Piola.

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