Felipe Massa Thrashes Jaguar C-X75, Becomes Bond Baddie

Felipe Massa Thrashes Jaguar C-X75, Becomes Bond Baddie

When you think about potential Bond baddies, the name Felipe Massa doesn’t exactly spring to mind. A fan favourite, the Brazilian is one of F1’s good guys.


The man himself has other ideas, it seems.

Giving the Jaguar C-X75 – currently starring in Spectre – a workout around a circuit near Mexico City, Massa talked of his dream to become the next Blofeld, as well as dubiously singing the Bond theme.


What was he doing anywhere near the super-Jag we hear you ask? Well, the C-X75 was in town promoting Spectre, and as Williams Advanced Technology helped develop it, Massa couldn’t help but bunk off his Mexican F1 duties to have a go.

Although he slides the Jag around with aplomb, the humming leaves a lot to be desired. Stick to the day job, Felipe…

YouTube / Jaguar - via Iframely

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