Ferrari announces appointment of Benedetto Vigna as new CEO

Ferrari announces appointment of Benedetto Vigna as new CEO

Ferrari has announced that Benedetto Vigna will join the company as chief executive officer.

The 52-year-old Italian will start on September 1, 2021, after leaving his current position as president of a division of electronics and semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics.

Vigna is taking over a role that is currently vacant, following the resignation of Louis C. Camilleri in December because of personal reasons.

John Elkann, chairman of Ferrari said: “We’re delighted to welcome Benedetto Vigna as our new Ferrari CEO. His deep understanding of the technologies driving much of the change in our industry, and his proven innovation, business-building and leadership skills, will further strengthen Ferrari and its unique story of passion and performance, in the exciting era ahead.”

Vigna has extensive experience working in the technology industry, but his place at the helm of sports car maker Ferrari will be his first role directly in the automotive industry. He joined STMicroelectronics in 1995 and founded its micro-electromechanical systems division and established the firm’s work in motion-activated user interfaces.

In the press release announcing his move, Ferrari highlights Vigna’s work piloting ‘a series of successful moves into new business areas’, which could offer a hint as to why he was hired. Like all carmakers, Ferrari is having to move towards electrification, and has its first SUV on the way.

Ferrari itself admits his knowledge of the semiconductor industry will help it push ahead with next-generation technology.

Vigna said: “It’s a special honour to be joining Ferrari as its CEO and I do so with an equal sense of excitement and responsibility. Excitement at the great opportunities that are there to be captured. And with a profound sense of responsibility towards the extraordinary achievements and capabilities of the men and women of Ferrari, to all the company’s stakeholders and to everyone around the world for whom Ferrari is such a unique passion.”

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