These Ferrari Challenge Racers Are Utterly Pants

These Ferrari Challenge Racers Are Utterly Pants

They say money can’t buy you friends, but it can buy you a Ferrari 458.

And a Ferrari 458 will attract pals like flies to… something brown and smelly.

However, we can’t promise those friends will stay amicable once they’ve seen how you drive.

Because no matter how well you talk the torque,  no-one will want to ride shotgun if you drive like James Bond on crack.


From round 2 of the Ferrari Challenge ’15, this footage looks like an amateur track day, but with cars worth hundreds of thousand of pounds, and drivers worth a hell of a lot more.


The race, which took place at the prancing-horse owned Mugello circuit in Italy and is part of an annual series for self-funded racers.


While viewers are sceptical of the driver’s racing credentials, Ferrari openly refers to the race as ‘Corse Clienti’, which translates literally to customer racing.

And form what we can see customer racing means crashing. Brilliant.

YouTube / togethia - via Iframely

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