Ferrari museums in Italy reopen

Ferrari’s museums in Maranello and Modena have reopened in line with the Italian government’s regulations.

Closed since February 24 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena are now open to visitors with a series of strict health and safety measures in place.

Both museums are also introducing further measures specifically designed for the premises as inspired by the firm’s ‘Back on Track’ programme.

Ferrari Museum
The Ferrari museums have been reopened with strict health and safety measures in place

All visitors will have their temperatures checked by a thermal scanner and, if they’re outside the normal zone, will be able to reschedule their visit. Mask wearing has been made compulsory, and these are provided free of charge to visitors. Floor markings, meanwhile, help to ensure social distancing measures are met.

In addition, Ferrari is showing its gratitude to medical staff by giving these workers free access to both museums for the remainder of 2020, along with discounts for their family members during the same period.

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