Fiat 500 With Wicker Seats? That’ll Be £57,000 Please

Fiat 500 With Wicker Seats? That’ll Be £57,000 Please

We Brits like to get a bit carried away in the summer months, and why not – we only get about a week of genuine summer per year.

Well, JollyCar have got more carried away than most, creating a modern interpretation of the classic Fiat 500 Jolly – a sort of Italian beach buggy creation from the 60s – and it is really quite disgusting.


They’ve stripped everything from the little Fiat, popped down to B&Q, and bodged it together to look like a weird mobile deckchair.


Who wants to sit in comfort these days anyway? Wicker chairs are the future of car interior design, right…

If you want half a Fiat 500 with back-breaking comfort and a roof that will blow away in any sort of breeze, then you will have to cough up $90,000, or £57,673 in English money.


This car is designed for the beach, and by beach, we hope they mean skip.

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