A Fine Collection Of The Most Exquisite Drag Racing Fails

A Fine Collection Of The Most Exquisite Drag Racing Fails

Drag racing can appear a rather odd sport to the uninitiated.

Making a weirdly long car go really fast in a straight line seems to be counter-intuitive to anyone who actually enjoys the art of piloting a precision-made vehicle.

But what drag-racing is truly unbeatable for is videos of it all going horribly wrong. Take a look at the collection of drag racing mishaps below and think twice about transplanting that big block V8 into your mum’s Micra.

1. Massive wheelies are part and parcel of drag racing and a lot of the time, they go horribly wrong…


2. … Especially when you drive a pink car


3. Massive wheelies are also fairly common when you attempt to drag race a school bus


4. Have you ever heard someone say “I drove it so hard, the wheels almost fell off”? This guy actually did that…


5. … So did this guy, but he cheated by turning up in a rusty heap of junk


6. The one wheel you really don’t want to come off when drag racing is the steering wheel


7. Accidents are commonplace in the world of drag racing. *No hillbilly’s were harmed in the making of this GIF…


8. … Although the same can’t be said for the crowd


9. … Or this cameraman


10. Even motorcyclists get themselves in sticky situations, especially when they forget to put the bike in gear


11. Massive explosions will happen when engines are tuned to bursting point…


12. … And those bum-clenching fishtail moments


13. This is what a smash looks like from the driver’s perspective. If only he had read this post first, eh?


14. Although drag racing a boat is rad, whichever way you look at it


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