First and only original GT40 Roadster Prototype goes on sale

First and only original GT40 Roadster Prototype goes on sale

For many car fans, the GT40 is one of the best things you could ever own – not only for its heritage, but for its gorgeous looks too.

Now just imagine that one with the roof lopped off was on sale and what exactly you would do to get your hands on it.

Well you don’t have to imagine the first part of that question, but please keep the second part to yourselves.

The only fully original GT40 Roadster is on the market and after it fetched in excess of £5million at auction four years ago, we can expect the undisclosed asking price to be somewhere above that from classic car sellers Girardo & Co.

Chassis no GT/108 was the first convertible version of the famous racing machine to be built and is a truly unique piece, which was driven by F1 world champion Jim Clark back in the 1960s and toured around the United States throughout most of the 20th Century.

The 1965 model was given a full mechanical freshening in 2013 and is in truly superb condition.

The white-bodied GT40 with iconic Ford racing stripes is in excellent condition – even the interior is the original thing, which looks excellent by the way.

There are many models we want here at SU Towers, but this one could be one of most desired here – it’s a beauty!

Check out the full listing here, but if you can’t quite stump up the cash, you’d best get saving your pocket money – and quick. This one will sell!


Credit Images: Classic Driver Market

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