5 Dashcam Videos That Restore Faith In Humanity

5 Dashcam Videos That Restore Faith In Humanity

When dashcam footage goes viral, it’s usually because it covers some horrendous accident, ill-fated tomfoolery or downright idiocy. It’s rare, though, that any of these videos are what you might call ‘heart-warming’.

So we thought we’d trawl the web to find some of the videos that show us drivers aren’t all raving lunatics and that not every policeman is a joyless, ticket-issuing, Stetson-wearing, handgun-toting dullard.

Driver stops to let cat cross the road

This one could only come from the animal-loving nation that is Great Britain. A driver in Dartford, east London, stops at a zebra crossing to let a loose moggie cross a busy high street. At first, the motorists going the other way don’t stop (presumably because it’s difficult to see a black-and-white cat on a zebra crossing), but eventually the feline gets through unscathed.

Police officer saves driver and baby

Being a traffic cop can’t be easy, but one officer in Leicester was faced with a tough decision here. The driver of the Peugeot seen in the video had passed out on the M1 with a baby in the back seat. The policeman, risking an almighty crash, used his vehicle to gently press the car against the barrier and bring it to a controlled stop, saving the occupants. Credit: Leicester Police

Trucker helps broken-down car to safety

This film, shot on the A3 in Surrey, shows a lorry driver come to the aid of a stranded Ford Fiesta that’s broken down in the outside lane. The trucker stops in the middle of the road and helps heave the car into the slip road as other motorists flash past. Credit: Andy Yarrow

Motorist helps old lady cross the road

Helping elderly people is probably something we should all do gladly, but even the hardiest of do-gooders will be forced to admit that it can be a bit of a drag. When it saves someone’s life and saves motorists time, however, it’s somewhat easier to do. This video shows a little old lady stuck in the middle of a pedestrian crossing and clearly terrified as traffic rushes by. The driver of a Toyota Land Cruiser, however, stops and gets her safely across the four-lane road.

Copper sings along to Taylor Swift

We’re not sure this technically counts as dashcam footage, but it is a camera and it is mounted on the dash of a patrol car. Filmed in Dover, Delaware, it shows a police officer not only singing along to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, but also dancing, stopping only to preserve his dignity when he’s faced with the public. If you can put up with the music, you really need to hold on for the rap section. Trust us on this… Credit: Dover Police, Delaware

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