5 Outstanding Onboards To Watch During Your Lunch Break

5 Outstanding Onboards To Watch During Your Lunch Break

Here at SuperUnleaded, our YouTube histories feature a lot of onboard racing footage.

Perhaps you have co-workers who share cat videos, or a million different varieties of Smash Mouth’s All Star. Well, we’ve scoured the interweb to save you from all that and proudly present five of the most exhilarating examples of racetrack roar-someness:

Ferrari 312PB at Spa 

This video encapsulates everything incredible about historic racing – the sounds, the sights, the sounds (again)… There’s something visceral about watching Giovanni Lavaggi wrestle this car around one of the world’s most iconic circuits, leaving everything else in his wake.


Viper SRT-10 GT3 at Zandvoort

The Supercar Challenge series is a mecca for variety in motorsport. This footage of a Dodge Viper GT3 at Zandvoort shows its merits, with cars of all shapes and sizes taking the start and, in this instance, a few of them coming unstuck with cold tyres and first-lap nerves.


Ford GT40 at Goodwood

Steering correction done properly makes for spectacular viewing. There’s something incredible about watching a wheel turn right with the aim of turning left, and Kenny Brack’s performance at Goodwood is surely the best example of that.


Porsche 991 Cup at Nürburgring

This onboard with Christopher Mies at the Nürburgring is incredible, and we hope that such amazing angles will see greater use in live broadcasts in the near future!

Surtees TS19 at Monaco

Conventional camera angles are all well and good, but it’s always nice seeing people experiment with the placement of their GoPro. Current BTCC driver Rob Austin certainly found a great angle when he competed at Monaco in the incredible Surtees TS19 – it’s like something out of Rush.

Story by Adam Weller

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