5 reasons to get excited for TVR’s return

5 reasons to get excited for TVR’s return

At last, after years of speculation and previously failed revivals, TVR finally looks set to make a real comeback.

The reborn company is set to reveal its first new car since the Sagaris in 2005 at next month’s Goodwood Revival — and the early signs look good.

There’s a lot to look forward to about the new TVR, so here are five reasons why you should be excited…

The manuals live on

In a world where sports cars are getting ever more high-tech and with far fewer having the option to row your own gears, it’s refreshing to see one of the first things teased about the new TVR is its manual gear shifter, as pictured above. Three pedals ain’t dead just yet…

Powerhouses under the bonnet

If there’s one thing TVRs are renowned for — well, except for their lack of reliability — is their throaty, big engines. That doesn’t seem set to change, either, as the new car uses a Cosworth-modified Ford V8. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a new straight-six, too.

Track ability

The Blackpool-produced sports cars have always proved capable around the track — whether in the hands of amateurs at track days or even at Le Mans a few times. No doubt this is something customers of the new machine will be demanding, so expect that sporting pedigree to remain with the brand.

Sound of music

If the new cars sound anything like their forebears, we’re in for a treat. Words don’t do it justice — just watch the video.

A bright future

It’s no secret TVR has struggled over the years, but in the hands of entrepreneur-turned-sports car manufacturer CEO Les Edgar, the future of the company looks to be in safe hands. With the clampdown on fun, traditional motors — just look at the 2040 fuel ban news — the fact companies such as TVR still exist is a beacon of hope for enthusiasts.


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