Runaway Tyre Knocks Unsuspecting Pedestrian Flat Out

Runaway Tyre Knocks Unsuspecting Pedestrian Flat Out

Rubber is a soft and forgiving substance used for padding and protection, right? Well, not always, as this video from Brazil shows.

CCTV footage shows a man and woman walking down a road, while in the background a wheel flies through a group of trees, bounces across a side road and hits the poor bloke square on the back of his head.

What happens next is sickening and may cause some viewers some distress, but in almost cartoon-like fashion the man is spun through the horizontal and smashes face-first into the concrete.

His companion is clearly concerned and kneels down to help. If we’re honest, we’d have thought the impact would have killed him, but it seems that though his injuries were severe – a broken skull being the worst of them – he survived.

Nevertheless, it’s a reminder of just how dangerous a detached wheel can be.

If you want to watch the video below please beware that though it’s not graphic you may find it shocking and upsetting.

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