Forget The i3, BMW’s First Electric Car Is Much Cooler

Forget The i3, BMW’s First Electric Car Is Much Cooler

We might all be getting excited about how good BMW’s i range is, but once you see the German marque’s first ever electric car you’ll forget all about them.


Yes, this BMW 02 Series is electric and it was built over 40 years ago.

The best thing, of course, is that it has the body of a 1602. However, this retro Beemer is powered by 12 standard 12v car batteries strung together, weighing 350kg. This is paired with a Bosch electric engine, so you could technically say it’s a washing machine on wheels.

Only two of the 1602e were made and the project was kept a secret by BMW until the 1972 Summer Olympic games in Munich, where it was used as an official support car.

So you could have this, which is quirky, small and will make you feel jolly good about the environment…


…but you’d always be thinking about this orange monster.

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Watch the video below to see the full story.

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