Formula 1 Tech Solves Supermarket Cold Aisle Syndrome

Formula 1 Tech Solves Supermarket Cold Aisle Syndrome

It happens around this time every year.

You finally manage to leave the house with nothing more than a T shirt on (well, we normally wear trousers too…) and end up venturing into some supermarket that is colder than one of Neptune’s outer moons.

Well, fear not. F1 tech could be about to warm your frozen fingers and defrost your nose by calling an end to ‘cold aisle sydrome’.

Williams-13 Edit

Thanks to kit developed by Williams Advanced Engineering – a wing of the Williams F1 team – the new tech includes aerodynamic spoilers that help to stop cold air from flowing into the aisle from open fridges and cooling the people in the supermarket rather than the food on offer.

Best of all, this tech could cut supermarkets’ energy usage meaning lower prices for shoppers.

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