Formula E Race Begins With Classic Monaco Pile-Up

Formula E Race Begins With Classic Monaco Pile-Up

Even the most economically friendly racing cars aren’t invincible when it comes to the tight and technical Monaco circuit.

Just because they’re good for the environment, doesn’t mean they’ll be nice to you either…

This weekend, the Formula E championship headed to Monte Carlo and just moments after ‘lights out’ – in which the E-cars sounded like a swarm of spaceships in Star Wars – most of the grid ended up in a classic Monaco pile-up.

Monaco Formual E Crach 2015

The road block of obliterated Formula E cars even collected Bruno Senna, who was then launched over the top of Daniel Abt’s car.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

But we expect the engineers weren’t too pleased to be piecing those cars back together…

Check out the footage in full here:

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