Formula E could bring 360 degree virtual reality to TV

Formula E could bring 360 degree virtual reality to TV

The FIA Formula E Championship is set to enter the world of Virtual Reality.

Formula E’s television partners North One Television and Aurora Media Worldwide are looking to bring real-time VR visuals to the championship’s coverage, according to Broadcast Magazine.

The companies have partnered with VR wizards Virually Live to map each of the street circuit venues on the championship’s calendar. This will be used alongside GPS data from the cars to create a full virtual race, which will allow the TV director to virtually replay on-track action in 360 degrees.

In other words, the limitations of cameras will be overcome – if the squidgy, flawed creature behind the lens misses an incident, the VR technology will pick up the slack.

This function has already been made available in the past, with race replays available to view in VR, but the step-up to live will be an exciting development.

Aurora managing director Lawrence Duffy told Broadcast: “The Chinese walls between TV and video games are crumbling – all opportunities are up for grabs now.”

Duffy is also keen to engage the video game audience, and is in the early stages of putting together a game that allows fans to race against Formula E drivers in real-time.

We look forward to being yelled at by Sébastien Buemi over a PlayStation headset in the near future.

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