#FormulaFun: The best tweets from the Malaysian Grand Prix

#FormulaFun: The best tweets from the Malaysian Grand Prix

A surefire way to make any sporting event entertaining is Twitter.

Fans, competitors and teams often put out some gold on social media at the expense of themselves and others. Formula One is no exception – and with that in mind, we’ve compiled the best tweets from yesterday’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton’s new best friend

Whether you love him or hate him, Lewis Hamilton can be great with his fans. Young Brandon is no exception, even when he threw a curveball at the three-time champion.

Lewis: Who’s your favourite driver?
Brandon: *Pauses* [Lightning] McQueen!

The wrong Verstappen?

We like Jos ‘The Boss’ Verstappen here at SU, but we do wonder why the TV director has to cut to him every time he makes a face. He gets more screen time than his superstar son!

Palmer’s pirouettes

When Jolyon Palmer spun his car twice in three corners during the race, even his team’s official Twitter couldn’t resist making a joke at his expense. We wonder what they were thinking when he told the media that one of the spins happened because of the wind…?

Daniil’s pain is Max’s gain

A very valid point. Last time Verstappen won a race, he was replacing Kvyat at Red Bull. Now that Kvyat’s lost his seat at Toro Rosso, Verstappen has won again

Uber for Seb?

After a post-race clash with Lance Stroll’s Williams, Sebastian Vettel had to abandon his Ferrari and ride back to the pits with Pascal Wehrlein. However, Wehrlein doesn’t grant favours…

With the Japanese Grand Prix taking place this coming weekend, we expect more 140- or 280-character shenanigans from the world of F1 in short order.

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