Forza Horizon 3’s Future Car List Revealed By Mistake

Forza Horizon 3’s Future Car List Revealed By Mistake

We’ve written about Forza Horizon 3 before – in a positive light, with the hit motorsport festival game winning much affection from us here at SU.

However, all games have problems or unintentional releases, which is what’s just happened with the Microsoft-exclusive title – and what a doozy it was, too. But it did reveal some of the game’s possible future cars.


On January 3, PC players were greeted with the .37.2 update, which when opened revealed an unencrypted developer version of the game.

Mines Hooning in Forza Horizon 3

Now, the first suspicion for the gamers was the size of the update – a gigantic 53GB file, which is a full game download in itself in some cases – and when the game was opened the players were greeted with debug text and massive car folders, including 18 Porsches.

This could mean that a large Porsche update is on the way – hooray! – but it also left many players with corrupted save files that won’t work beyond the next update – boo!

Train Crossing in Forza Horizon 3

This is a shame for Playground Games, as the glitch also revealed other new cars such as the Lotus 3-Eleven and the 1932 Ford De-Luxe Three Window Coupe.

Hopefully, this will be the last mishap we see for FH3 and many of you weren’t affected. Fortunately, the matter has been rectified by the developers. Play on!

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