Four-Year-Old Takes Control Of New Volvo Lorry – And The Lorry Survives

Four-Year-Old Takes Control Of New Volvo Lorry – And The Lorry Survives

With the odd exception such as Max Verstappen, kids don’t have a great track record when it comes to driving.

Take the 16-year-old who demolished his mum’s Chrysler Crossfire at the Nürburgring last month, for example.

And Volvo, it seems, was counting on just that when it handed control of its new Volvo FMX dump truck to a four-year-old girl called Sophie.

Remote control, that is. And at a gravel pit in Serbia.


Sophie and her family plus panel of Volvo experts were safely located some distance from the truck.


All things considered, she doesn’t make a bad effort when it comes to taking the huge lorry’s reins, but Volvo was keener to demonstrate the sturdiness of the lorry than how easy it is for a four-year-old to drive, and she doesn’t disappoint.


Smashing through obstacles with abandon, the FMX comes through with flying colours – even surviving a rollover when Sophie gets distracted by a low-flying drone.


Eventually, the battle-scarred Volvo makes the end of the assault course, proving that if it’s tough enough to survive a four-year-old it’ll survive life with professional HGV drivers. Or something.

YouTube / Volvo Trucks – via Iframely

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