Woman Uses Sex Toy To Remove Dents

Woman Uses Sex Toy To Remove Dents

No one likes the feeling of having to fork out wads of cash after banging their car into something, but one French woman has taken panel beating to a whole new level.

In a rather ingenious yet completely bizarre video that has emerged online, the woman can be seen using the suction cup of a sex toy to get rid of a series of dents along the side of her car.

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After fixing the toy in place over the dent, she can be seen gripping it firmly before tugging it away from the car, leaving the panel (nearly) as good as new.

I say…


Francophones among you will have picked up on the woman’s male friend egging her on with cries of “More, more!” before her repair efforts come to completion.

Since the clip was uploaded to YouTube it has been viewed nearly 4,300 times. Quite frankly, we’re surprised more people haven’t tuned in!

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