In the future you could rejuvenate your tyres with 3D printing

In the future you could rejuvenate your tyres with 3D printing

Buying tyres is expensive. However, it’s one of the most important things you can do to improve your car’s handling and ensure your safety.

So when a tyre manufacturer comes along with an innovative idea that has the potential to not only save us money but also encourage people to have better tyres more of the time, we’re all for it.

And Michelin has done just that with its Vision tyre concept. It’s an airless tyre that uses biodegradable and recyclable ingredients such as wood chips, sugar residue and even orange peel.

However, the big news is that the tread can be 3D-printed. Yup, drivers will be able to turn up at special printing centres and have a new tread made there and then. So, if your old tread is running low you can just buy a new one instead of a whole new tyre.

Or perhaps it’s coming to the end of summer and you want a winter tread to improve grip in the colder, wetter months – just get a new tread made.

Michelin R&D boss Terry Gettys reckons we’re still a good 10 years from this technology being production-viable, but we’re already excited at the prospect.

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