We Get Our Hands On Gran Turismo Sport At The Official Unveiling Event

We Get Our Hands On Gran Turismo Sport At The Official Unveiling Event

The long-awaited next instalment of the Gran Turismo racing game series has been unveiled – and we’ve been among the first in the world to play it.

In a glitzy event at the Copper Box Arena, part of the London Olympic Park, Gran Turismo Sport – the first Gran Turismo game in the PlayStation 4 era – was revealed to a packed crowd that included racing drivers and representatives of the FIA, all presented by the voice of F1, Ben Edwards.

GT Sport is a foray into eSports – competitive gaming – with two competitions set up with official recognition from the FIA.

Gamers can represent their country in the Nations Cup or their favourite car manufacturer in the Manufacturer Fan Cup in scheduled online races, with the best being invited to live regional finals and, eventually, a live grand final. The winners will be awarded trophies at the annual FIA prizegiving ceremony, alongside winners of real-life racing series such as F1.

In another crossover from the virtual world to the real race track, gamers will be able to gain digital licences by demonstrating knowledge of racing theory and etiquette that will be recognised by real-life motoring bodies, including the UK’s own Motor Sports Association (MSA).


The game will launch in November, with 137 cars from brands such as McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus, Jaguar, Bugatti and Aston Martin (no word on Porsche yet!) and 19 circuits featured, including Brands Hatch and the Nürburgring.

For the first time, players will be able to add custom liveries to their Gran Turismo cars, too, while the ability to damage vehicles will be making a return.

And our gameplay assessment? Well, there’s still a little way to go in development and this early build doesn’t quite reflect all the work that Polyphony Digital has been doing on sounds particularly, but the driving manners are right up there and the AI cars seem much more willing to race you than in previous instalments.

See what you think in our video of it below:

We say roll on November 18th!

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