Ghanaian President Loses 218 Cars From His Fleet

Ghanaian President Loses 218 Cars From His Fleet

There’s something of a tired trope that West African governments are ephemeral, self-interested, rife with corruption and incompetent.

Now, we’re not lending any credence to this stereotype, but news has emerged that Ghana’s new government is having some trouble tracking down more than 200 vehicles from its official fleet.

When Nana Akufo-Addo from the the New Patriotic Party won the Ghanaian presidential election last year, the incoming officials did a stock-check on the presidential fleet and discovered that instead of numbering more than 300, only 109 cars could be found.

More than 120 Toyota Land Cruisers and over 50 Land Cruiser Prado models had vanished without trace, leaving just seven per cent of the president’s Toyota Avalons in the (very big) garage.

In total, the audit found the fleet deficit numbered:
122 of 196 Toyota Land Cruisers
53 of 73 Toyota Land Cruiser Prados
26 of 28 Toyota Avalons
13 of 24 various Mercedes models
Four of six different BMW models

That’s 218 cars missing from a total fleet of 327…

Previous transfers of power in the country have seen ousted officials refusing to relinquish their vehicles until seized from them, though a minister in the previous government of John Dramani Mahama’s presidency has denied any wrongdoing. Perhaps the vehicles are just painted in camouflage colours, making them too hard to find…


In the meantime, Mr Akufo-Addo is having to slum it in a 10-year old BMW. Oh, the hardship…

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