GM’s SURUS concept is a scalable electric vehicle for the future

GM’s SURUS concept is a scalable electric vehicle for the future

We’re a big fan of concepts here at SU, and one released today has really tickled our fancy.

Called a Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure (or SURUS for short – thankfully), it’s General Motors’ view of a flexible fuel cell electric platform capable of travelling autonomously.

It’s set to be shown at the meeting of the Association of the United States Army – showing that the concept could be used for military purposes.

However, GM is claiming that SURUS could also be used for commercial duties, as well as for mobile and emergency power back-ups. Essentially, if a house or area lost power, then one of these could wheel itself to the location and get things up and running once more.

Charlie Freese, executive director of GM Global Fuel Cell Business, said: ‘SURUS redefines fuel cell electric technology for both highway and off-road environments.

‘General Motors is committed to bringing new high-performance, zero-emission systems to solve complex challenges for a variety of customers.’

Sure, it looks a lot like a mountain board, but it’s certainly an interesting concept. What do you think?

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