We Go Racing At Silverstone, Have A Massive Crash

We Go Racing At Silverstone, Have A Massive Crash

SuperUnleaded’s Fun Cup car made its track debut on Saturday – and things certainly got interesting…

Silverstone was the venue of race one – hallowed ground for motorsport enthusiasts – with our sponsored Beetle replica joining 27 others on the starting grid for a gruelling four hour endurance race. Here’s how we got on…

As part of a one make racing series, our car is mechanically identical to all other competitors…


…apart from the clearly superior graphics on the side, obvs.


Drivers sit in the middle of the race-spec interior – McLaren F1-style…


…as explained by team boss and driver Adam Lucas, who gives our competition winners a tour of the car.


Challenge #1: Qualifying. We managed a pretty respectable position thanks to some speedy laps.


Driver #2, Martin Hamm, gets ready for the start of the race…

…with a coin flip placing us third on the grid for the start of the four hour race.


 A few hours and driver change in, we were hovering around 14th place – even jumping into the top 10 at one stage…


 …but as Adam was preparing for his second stint, we heard bad news over the radio…


…and here it was. We’d been involved in an incident with another car, throwing us off the track.


This was the sight that greeted us after what felt like an hour waiting for recovery. Not great.


We were’t out yet, though – the Fun Cup mechanics swarming around the Beetle to replace the broken bits.


With our Beetle on the road to recovery, Adam gave a quick interview to the TV crew on hand…


…before getting back out in the newly-repaired car for the final 40 minutes of the race.


Despite bent suspension, out-of-shape steering and broken telemetry, Adam gave it his all…


…with each lap taking us just a small step further up the grid.


The end result? 23rd of 28 cars – not bad for a battle-scarred car that was out of action for 1/4 of the race!



The SuperUnleaded.com team’s next race will be at Snetterton at the end of May, and we’ll have a handful of VIP tickets to give away. Stay tuned for the opportunity to win them and be a part of the action!

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