Golf GTI Overtaken By Its Own Wheel At Nurburgring

Golf GTI Overtaken By Its Own Wheel At Nurburgring

Remembering to check if all four wheels are attached before setting off is usually something none of us consider. Even driving examiners don’t make you do that. But we bet this driver wished he had.

Enjoying a track outing at the fearsome Nordschleife, this Golf GTI quickly discovers why Jackie Stewart christened the circuit ‘The Green Hell’.


Entering the shot with his boot-lid trying to overtake him, things only get worse. A spin would have given him justifiable cause to yelp, especially with an A45 AMG so close behind. However, when his rear wheel bounces clean off a change of underwear would have been in order.


Whether the driver had forgotten to tighten his wheel nuts, or whether the load on them was so freakishly strong that they couldn’t cope, is not known. The latter seems somewhat unlikely.

Regardless, nothing was seriously damaged, except perhaps the driver’s confidence. And his underwear. Probably.

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