It’s Gone! Our Peugeot Giveaway Winner Picks Up Her Prize

It’s Gone! Our Peugeot Giveaway Winner Picks Up Her Prize

It started out as a bit of fun but quickly sparked a national and international media frenzy.

When SuperUnleaded boss James Baggott decided to give away his stepdaughter’s putrid Peugeot, we really didn’t expect much – if any – interest. After all, who would really want to take on such a vomit-inducing health hazard on wheels?

Well, quite a lot of you, as it turned out. The story was picked up by publications around the world, and it turned out that there was far more love for the poor, neglected little Pug than we realised.

That made us feel a bit guilty and, thanks to those marvellous people at Autoglym, KY51 LXC took on a shiny, biologically-approved new lease of life before being handed over to lucky winner Louise Cotter.


Louise was delighted with the 307 when she came down to sunny SuperUnleaded Towers on the south coast of Hampshire to drive it home to Tamworth in Staffordshire.

The 25-year-old, who is the proud mum of nine-month-old Layla, said: “It’s fantastic! Thank you so much! I’ve got a really old Nissan Micra, which is only a three-door, and it’s a hassle trying to get a nine-month-old in and out of the back, so I’ve been wanting a five-door for ages. And that’s all I wanted – I didn’t care about the rest. As long as it was five doors.”

And the win really came at the right time for Louise, who is currently living in a women’s refuge and lost her house and pet dogs. She recently found a new place and said: “The week I found out about the car I found a new house to start setting up my life again and get back on my feet, so I thought ‘This is perfect’, because I needed a new car and I needed a new house. I couldn’t believe all this was happening! It was as if someone had finally said ‘You can have a bit of an easier life for a bit.’


“I was shocked when I found out I’d won. I couldn’t believe it at first. I’ve had so much bad luck this year and then all in this week I was suddenly having all this good luck. I was just like ‘No, it can’t be true. It can’t have happened’ but it did! It had happened! It means so much to me to have won this car. I needed it so badly, because my other car is on its last legs.’

And her thoughts on the car being spruced up? “It’s brilliant! They’ve done a terrific job on it. I never expected that and, to be honest, I’m a little bit relieved, because the way I looked at it when I entered was ‘Well, it’s a bit of a state but it just needs a bit of a clean and it’s still better than what I’ve got now’, but now it’s ‘Well, actually, I don’t need to do anything – it’s ready’ and it’s all a bit of a relief.

“I feel kind of spoiled. I mean, I know it’s not a brand-new top-of-the-range car or anything like that but I definitely feel spoiled, because it’s just what I needed.”


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