Good News! The Dacia Sandero RS Has Been Made!

Good News! The Dacia Sandero RS Has Been Made!

…but before you get too excited, it probably won’t come to the UK.

Nor is there any confirmation it’ll actually go on sale, if we’re honest. Existing only in a teaser video for now, the spicy Sandero would likely sit at the bottom of the RenaultSport model range – but only in emerging markets, it seems.

In countries like Russia and Brazil, the Sandero is sold as a Renault rather than a Dacia – hence that nice big Renault emblem on the grille – allowing for a RenaultSport model without any badge confusion.

It does open up the possibility of sportier Dacias hitting our shores, however. There’s already a Sandero ‘Sport’ special edition (consisting purely of some questionable styling tweaks), so what’s to stop RenaultSport shoehorning in a spicier engine?

G’wan Renault, you know it makes sense.

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