Gordon Ramsay Is Now The Lucky Owner Of A LaFerrari Aperta

Gordon Ramsay Is Now The Lucky Owner Of A LaFerrari Aperta

Celebrity chef and compulsive swearist Gordon Ramsay is well known for his love of Ferraris – and his abusive ways.


Having owned some of the modern Ferrari classics, such as the F12 TdF, the 550 Maranello and LaFerrari, Ramsay is a regular customer at London-based dealership H.R. Owen.

And yesterday, the internet woke up to find the sweartastic chef had got his hands on the latest in the Ferrari line-up: the LaFerrari Aperta.

This gorgeous soft-top was delivered to the Scottish cook (still dressed in his jim jams, bless him) at his London home and he posted this brief video on Facebook showing his complete glee.

@hrowenferrari the coolest spider in the country

Nai-post ni Gordon Ramsay noong Linggo, Nobyembre 20, 2016

One thing we noticed is that he calls it the ‘Alperta’, which could probably be because of the early-morning tiredness, so we’ll let him off.

It looks spectacular in the contrasting pearlescent white with black detailing, and we can’t help but express our jealousy.

Enjoy, Gordon, enjoy! It couldn’t have gone to a nicer person…

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