GP2 Abu Dhabi Finale Is Canned After Spectacular Pile-Up On First Lap

GP2 Abu Dhabi Finale Is Canned After Spectacular Pile-Up On First Lap

Spinning into oncoming traffic is one of the most bottom-tightening experiences a driver can endure.

Racers aren’t renowned for their vivid imaginations, but even the bravest hotshot appreciates that sitting stationary is a recipe for disaster when (literally) faced with a swarm of single-seaters.


And that’s exactly what happened to GP2 frontrunner Pierre Gasly during the opening stages of yesterday’s season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Negotiating Turn 2, the Red Bull young gun lost the rear of his car, spinning helplessly off the circuit. You’d think that with a run-off area large enough to house an Asda he might have got away without any contact. But you’d be wrong.


A gaggle of drivers were tagged by the hapless DAMS racer, clattering into each other.


And then, inevitably, the barrier.



As you can see, it was pretty spectacular. So spectacular, in fact, that the barrier was deemed unsafe and the race promptly cancelled. Oops…

YouTube / TheIceMan - via Iframely

Thankfully, nobody was hurt and everyone walked away from the incident. Not that any of it affected the claim to the top slot – Stoffel Vandoorne had long since wrapped up the championship.

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