The Grand Tour Episode 3 Trailer Is Here

The Grand Tour Episode 3 Trailer Is Here

The Grand Tour has been a long time coming, so we get a bit excited every time there’s a glimpse of some new material.

Episode two might have received a bit of a mixed reception thanks to the lack of cars plus Clarkson and co’s terrible acting, but episode three looks like a return to form.

So what do we learn? Well, the boys are back in the UK as the tent section is from Whitby in Yorkshire.


Perhaps the most exciting part of the trailer is the fact they’ll be road-tripping through Italy – and as we all know, Top Gear’s finest moments usually came during the long drives in cool cars through epic locations.

This time they’re driving a Rolls-Royce Dawn, Aston Martin DB11 and Dodge Challenger on road and track in Italy.


Finally, after Clarkson lost the bet about which of the ‘Holy Trinity’ would be fastest on track, James May and Richard Hammond are at his house with a digger. Oh dear…


Episode three of The Grand Tour is due to be released on Amazon Prime at 12.01am on Friday – but it could well be on screens a bit earlier, going on past performance. Until then, though, here’s the trailer:

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