The Grand Tour Is The Most Illegally Downloaded Programme Of All Time

The Grand Tour Is The Most Illegally Downloaded Programme Of All Time

When something’s in high demand, it turns out that there’s quite a few people who want it no matter what.

And it appears people are quite keen on The Grand Tour, which is now officially the most illegally downloaded television show ever.

That’s according to figures released by Muso, an anti-piracy market analytics company, which showed that the very first episode of was illegally downloaded nearly eight million times, with the second recording 6.4m and the third 4.6m downloads.

It would be easy to understand if the downloads were occurring outside the five countries that the show was originally made available in – the UK, the USA, Japan, Germany and Austria – but the largest percentage of illegal downloads, with 13.7 per cent of the total, were recorded as British. Since December 1st, all shows have been made available to 200 countries.

grand tour

At the time of writing, the first episode of The Grand Tour has around 6,000 ‘seeds’ (people making the whole file available) on one of the most popular file-sharing ‘torrent’ sites, compared to just 2,000 seeds for the latest episode of fantasy sex and gore epic Game of Thrones and only 1,600 seeds for the long-running teen soft-horror show Supernatural.

Although Amazon charges £79 per year for the Prime online streaming service, a free trial for a month is available to most customers. Anyone who had signed up on November 18th would have been able to watch the first four episodes and this week’s fifth for free, making the download figures truly surprising.

Amazon hasn’t yet revealed what the official viewing figures are, with Clarkson, May and Hammond commenting that even they haven’t been told.

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