Here’s How To Nail A Backflip In A Polaris RZR

Here’s How To Nail A Backflip In A Polaris RZR

Extreme sports and backflips go together like tea and toast. Skaters, BMXers and high divers have been pulling off aerial rotations for years.

However, it’s immensely difficult to do it in a car without ending up inside a flaming wreckage of a vehicle, simply because you can’t use your body to rotate – once the car’s in the air, you’ve just got to wait for it to land.


That’s what makes this video of a Polaris RZR so mesmerising. Off-road racer RJ Anderson absolutely nails a backflip off a specially designed ramp that alters the angle of the buggy as it launches.

The RZR pirouettes beautifully, landing on its wheels with a thud. Awesome.


The rest of the video, shot near San Diego, is similarly spectacular, with an impressive ‘wall of death’ sequence and even some rail grinding. Check it out below!

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