This guy must be one of the luckiest people alive

This guy must be one of the luckiest people alive

This motorbike crash may not look as spectacular as some of the other dramatic moments we’ve posted here at SuperUnleaded but believe us – it’s just as shocking.

Having your helmet come off your head completely at any speed is pretty darn scary,. But if you’re hammering a seriously powerful motorbike around the New Jersey Motorsports Park circuit, it’s extremely serious.

The footage shows rider Luiz Franchi flying off his bike and slamming into the tarmac. Unbelievably, his helmet doesn’t actually appear to have been done up and instantly flies off his head.

The incident happened at an ASRA Superstock Amateur Race as both the biker with the camera – one Jeremy Whitehurst – and Franchi start crossing the finish line. Whitehurst suddenly slows down, causing Franchi to clip his bike.

The most disturbing moment is watching Franchi flying across the track, desperately trying to keep his head away from the tarmac.

There’s obviously a moral to this video – always make sure your helmet is actually done up and there’s no chance of it coming off. Franchi was EXTREMELY lucky, as this could very easily have ended very differently.

Whitehurst subsequently apologised to Franchi and said he took full responsibility for what happened.

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