This Guy’s Made A BMW i8 Out Of LEGO

This Guy’s Made A BMW i8 Out Of LEGO

Some people are so amazingly creative that it’s mindblowing.

Take this chap, Sheepo. He’s made a functioning 1:10 scale BMW i8 Spyder out of nothing more than LEGO.

Astonishingly, his model operates in two- or four-wheel drive modes – with a drive mode display on the dashboard – with a fake 3 cylinder engine operating when running in the four-wheel drive ‘Sport’ mode. He’s even built in something that even BMW haven’t managed yet, in the shape of an electric folding roof.

Chuck in electric butterfly doors and multilink rear suspension and this is one impressive piece of LEGO building.

We salute him.

YouTube / Sheepo’s Garage – via Iframely

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