Hard Top returns to Land Rover Defender line-up

Hard Top returns to Land Rover Defender line-up

The Hard Top name is being added to the latest Land Rover Defender model line-up.

Dating back to the 1950s, the Hard Top name has been synonymous with commercial versions of the famous off-roader – and now it’s available with the latest generation of Defender.

Available on commercial versions of the 90 and 110 Defender, the Hard Top is being developed by the Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations to ensure its durability.

Defender hard top
The Hard Top name has been used by the Defender since 1950

Both 90 and 110 versions will come with independent coil-sprung suspension, though electric air suspension will be available on the 110. Each setup provides plenty of clearance over rough terrain, with ground clearance of 291mm more than enough for most circumstances.

Nick Collins, Land Rover vehicle line director, said: “The new Defender 90 and 110 Hard Top will be the toughest, most capable and most connected commercial 4x4s we have ever produced.

“They have been engineered to meet global safety standards and deliver impressive long-haul comfort, giving businesses and professionals the best of all worlds.”

Defender Hard Top 1
The Hard Top has been designed for commercial use

With a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg, the Defender Hard Top has been designed to deal with some of the toughest working environments around. The second and third-row usually found in the standard Defender have been removed to provide one large loading area, and a front-row jump seat can be fitted as an extra to provide three-abreast seating up front.

New twin eSim technology supports over-the-air update, which gives customers the ability to update their vehicles during their ownership. Land Rover claims this will help minimise the time a vehicle is kept off the road, reducing costs to businesses.

Full details for the Hard Top models are due to be announced later this year, while Land Rover says that prices are set to start from around £35,000 plus VAT.

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