Hennessey Releases Demon-Bashing Camaro Named ‘The Exorcist’

Hennessey Releases Demon-Bashing Camaro Named ‘The Exorcist’

We all know a guy who, if you’ve done something, he’s done it one better than you.

Right now, if you’re Dodge, that guy is John Hennessey. Dodge hasn’t even pulled the covers off its Challenger Demon high-performance muscle car before Hennessey has got in with a Camaro to beat it.


With all the subtlety he’s famous for, Hennessey has named his Camaro ‘The Exorcist’ and makes it clear that the car is ‘built to cast out the Demon’. With an upgraded supercharger and intercooler system, the hopped-up pony car packs 1,000bhp and 1,300Nm of torque.


Available as either a conversion on your existing ZL1 or a turnkey upgrade direct from the dealer, the Exorcist will set you back $55,000 (about £44,000) on top of the car, though customers with a 10-speed automatic car will need another $9,950 (£8,000) sinking into a transmission upgrade.

It’s even available with an optional $8,995 (£7,200) drag pack which gives a driveshaft upgrade and 20-inch Nitto drag radials, to help it hit a 9-second quarter mile time.

Only 100 units will be produced each year. We just hope they don’t make the drivers projectile vomit…

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