Here’s a police car you’ll want to ride in the back of

Here’s a police car you’ll want to ride in the back of

Criminals should be delighted.

No longer will they have to slum it in the back of bleak police Astras. They will now be able to travel to the police station in the upmost style – in Rolls Royce’s Ghost Black Badge. Surely that’s a reason to break the law if nothing else? Although we didn’t tell you that.

Police may even give you access to the trademark Rolls Royce umbrellas and ventilated and massaging seats which come as standard on the Black Badge, but only if you are lucky.

The Goodwood-based car maker liveried the car for Sussex Police at the Chicester station’s open day this weekend.

The Black Badge range was revealed last year at the Geneva Motor Show – starting with the Ghost and Wraith while a Dawn Black Badge was revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. The Black Badge got a power boost, black detailing, 22-inch carbon wheels and was seen as the crème-de-le-crème of Rolls Royces – for when a ‘standard’ Rolls Royce is not special enough.

It is unfortunate that this Roller will probably never be used for anything other than shows, but we can always dream.

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