Global BMW-Driving Idiocy Displayed In Video Compilation

Global BMW-Driving Idiocy Displayed In Video Compilation

BMW drivers are thought of by some as tactless souls and a video of various tyre-burning antics is unlikely to change many minds.

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A two-and-a-half-minute compilation from places around the world including Hamburg and New Jersey is a showcase for drifting and general tomfoolery. However, the problem is this isn’t being done on a closed track but largely on public roads with traffic.

The most extreme stunt being pulled is an M3 E36 holding up three lanes of traffic, unashamedly performing donuts while the driver and his passenger raise their hands in smoky triumph.


A flawless drift around a roundabout could be another exhibit used in the case against BMW drivers.

The tamest of these – if ‘tame’ is a word that can be used here – is a BMW driver doing what appears to be a standing start as if he were about to begin a race, with the all-black car smoking its tyres.

So what should you do next time someone makes a case for those who drive a Bimmer? Show them this.

Written by Joe Sweeney

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