Here’s How The Same Car Differs When Set Up For Rallying And Drifting

Here’s How The Same Car Differs When Set Up For Rallying And Drifting

Rallying and drifting are two totally different sports. Okay, we’re stating the obvious here, but have you ever really thought about just how differently cars are set up for alternative disciplines?

Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck went to see the company that makes his drift car to try out one of its other creations: a rally car.

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What makes this interesting is that both are Subaru BRZs. That means Tuerck can jump between the two to see exactly what’s different.

For starters, the rally car gets some serious exterior modifications. Engine cooling can be a problem, so massive intakes have been crafted on the roof, while huge fans help suck hot air away from the mechanical bits.

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While drifters tend to compete on slick racing tracks, rally drivers hoon across all different types of terrain. That means they need a car with big suspension travel that’ll even soak up a jump – Tuerck happily tests this. We want his job.

The other interesting thing is something you don’t really see. The rally car’s roll cage is much more robust, as it needs to be able to withstand high-speed impacts with unforgiving objects such as trees. Drifters tend to be travelling at lower speeds in more controlled environments, so the cage isn’t quite as intense.

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Check out the video below to see how these modifications work, and enjoy plenty of sideways action!

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