Here’s why you don’t use launch control in a car park…

Here’s why you don’t use launch control in a car park…

There’s always one, isn’t there?

Someone who likes to show off their new motor in a supermarket car park. Someone who likes to get wheel spin at a set of traffic lights. And someone who likes to use launch control in a wedding reception car park.

OK, well, maybe not the latter too often, but it happens – and here’s the proof.

Photo from Patrick Harris (Facebook)

Unfortunately for the driver of this McLaren 650S Spider, using the launch control didn’t go to plan.

Manufacturers always issue warnings that launch control is strictly for track use only, and this is exactly why. What makes the scenario even worse is that the McLaren was apparently rented.

It ended up wrapped around a tree at the reception, although it isn’t known where the incident happened. Luckily, nobody was hurt, although the damage looks pretty extensive.

It even had to be towed out of the undergrowth by a Range Rover – shock horror, a Range Rover actually being put to proper use.

One thing’s for certain: the couple certainly had a wedding day they won’t forget…

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