Here’s What Happens To The Batteries From Wrecked Teslas

Here’s What Happens To The Batteries From Wrecked Teslas

Teslas are pretty impressive pieces of kit – whatever your opinion of them – and despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk being quite annoying from time to time, there’s no denying that Tesla is leading the way in terms of autonomous driving and electric mobility.

IMG_7306 But as with any other vehicle, sometimes they’re involved in accidents, and with Tesla all the parts are recycled and sold off to be used elsewhere after the car has been written off. In this video, Jehu Garcia filmed the team at EV West, a high-performance electric vehicle and parts shop based in San Marcos, California, taking apart the extensive battery pack of a Tesla Model S, and to be frank, the battery itself is really impressive. 1kmtwe The disassembly video shows the rather extensive process of getting the expensive but very reliable cells out of the battery pack, which EV West then sells on its website for in excess of £1,000. 1kmtnl EV West also uses many of these cells to power its electric vehicle projects, including a fully electric Porsche Targa and a VW ‘Splittie’ Camper.

The drive up the hill was more thrilling than the view. #electric #german #brothers

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It’s a pretty cool video, and to know the batteries are then reusable elsewhere shows that despite some concerns, these new Teslas are properly sustainable.

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