Here’s how Honey G and an Audi R8 caused a race team to end its season

Here’s how Honey G and an Audi R8 caused a race team to end its season

A music video by former X Factor contestant and self-proclaimed ‘baddest chick in the game’ Honey G has created controversy – but not for the reasons you might expect.

Tockwith Motorsport has ended its international racing season following a disagreement with driver Phil Hanson and his family, after one of the family’s cars appeared in Honey G’s creatively titled Hit You With The Honey G music video.

The team had recently competed in the Le Mans 24 Hours with a Ligier LMP2 car owned by the Hanson family.

In a bizarre turn of events, though, the family have split from the Tockwith team after another of their cars – an Audi R8 LMS Ultra, which won the 2016 Britcar Endurance Championship – was prominently featured in Honey G’s video without their permission.

In the video, Honey G asks: ‘I’m the queen of rap, what you gotta say to that?’ To which the Hanson family evidently responded: ‘That’s great, but can you please stop sitting on our race car?’

Hanson’s father, Dick, told DailySportscar: ‘Due to a non-motorsport-related issue in which TMS allowed a music video to be filmed at Tockwith, and included coverage of one of the cars owned by the Hanson family without their permission, driver Phil Hanson has decided to step away from the team that he has co-driven alongside Nigel Moore for the past two years.’

The R8 used to race with the Portuguese Novadriver outfit, so perhaps we should feel sorry for the car itself more than its owners. After all, in May 2015 it was racing in Estoril in bright sunshine but just over two years later it’s sitting in the Yorkshire drizzle.

How the mighty fall…

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