Here’s How You Make A Futuristic Porsche Render

Here’s How You Make A Futuristic Porsche Render

Every now and then someone will create a neat mashup or imagined version of a cool car.

You’ll even have seen them before here on SuperUnleaded too, but have you ever wondered how they’re made?

Well Jan Peisert, well known in parts of the internet for his concept car creations, has released this timelapse video of his latest imagineered model to show you exactly how he goes about it.

He’s chosen a rather special subject too, merging Porsche’s Le Mans winning 919 prototype with the fantastic 918 Hybrid supercar and the Mission E electric concept to create this vehicle he refers to as the 2020 911 GT1, in honour of the 1998 Le Mans winning 911 GT1.

You can watch Jan’s video below.

Though you may need to slow it down a bit to keep up with him!

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