Here’s Why Monaco Grand Prix Means We Won’t Leave Our Sofa

Here’s Why Monaco Grand Prix Means We Won’t Leave Our Sofa

This weekend the Formula 1 circus heads to the coolest circuit on the calendar – Monaco – and we’re rather excited about it indeed.

But it’s not just the racing we’re looking forward to. Oh no, that’s usually a bit pants. What we’re looking forward to is the whole bleeding spectacle. Here’s why we’ll be putting a massive bum-shaped dent in our sofa this weekend.

#1 The tunnel makes our eyes go funny


#2 The massive boats make us dancy


#3 We like laughing at the posh people


#4 We want to dive bomb the Red Bull pool

Red Bull Pool, Jumping Monaco

#5 We love a bit of Monaco royalty

Grace Kelly

#6 And also love a bit of controversy

F1 Monaco

#7 But not as much as we love helicopters… and there are lots of those in Monaco


#8 The cool corners are just cool

F1 corners

#9 And we can’t get enough of the bling


#10 …or the crashes


Well, at least that’s what we’ll be looking forward to… especially the helicopters.

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