Here’s how not to tow a caravan

Here’s how not to tow a caravan

Caravans are safe in the hands of the right people.

Unfortunately, the driver of this Ford Excursion wasn’t one of them.

As they demonstrate, caravans and speeding aren’t a particularly good combination. When the driver gets perilously close to a truck on Interstate 82 in Washington State at speed it all goes downhill from there – pun not intended.

The trailer can be seen swaying dangerously, at which point you’d think the driver may have taken the hint to ease off – or apply the trailer brakes – but obviously not.

As it starts to sway more and more, the caravan tips over on its side, forcing the SUV off the road and chucking clouds of dust on to the road.

The truck driver stopped to help, and luckily the driver and the two children on board the Excursion weren’t injured, although unsurprisingly they were quite shaken.

If you take away just one thing from this, please don’t speed with a caravan…

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