Here’s A Parking Ticket You Really Can’t Ignore

Here’s A Parking Ticket You Really Can’t Ignore

There’s nothing that makes your heart sink more than returning to your car and seeing a conspicuous-looking piece of paper left underneath the windscreen wiper. Well, until now, that is.

An American company has come up with an even more devastating way of letting you know that you’ve parked in the wrong place.

Called the Barnacle, the device is effectively a massive yellow rectangle that’s attached to your car’s windscreen with suction cups.


Before you even think about removing it yourself, though, you need to know that those suction cups are industrial grade. Oh, and they are each capable of 750lb-worth of suction, so good luck if you try.

Goodness knows what it’s made of. The company behind it – the oh-so-wittily named Ideas That Stick – only makes reference to ‘the latest materials’. But it’s certainly a lot more solid than a piece of paper in a piece of plastic.

Attempts to remove the device will trigger an alarm, as will trying to move your vehicle – not that you’d be able to see anything out of the windscreen.

The only way of getting the horrid device off your car is to call a number and pay a fine. Doing so will give you an access code that unlocks the Barnacle once it’s entered into the keypad.


And then, to add insult to injury, you have to return it to a designated location within 24 hours.

The Barnacle is currently being used in Salt Lake City, Fort Lauderdale and Allentown in the United States.

We’re just praying it doesn’t find its way to the UK anytime soon…

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