Here’s what we know about Ineos’s Projekt Grenadier

Here’s what we know about Ineos’s Projekt Grenadier

We can all agree that the Land Rover Defender is one of the world’s most iconic vehicles, and that when it was killed off in 2016 it left a really large hole in the automotive world.

Coincidentally, Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of chemical and energy giant Ineos, thinks the same and has decided to reinvent the old Defender. So, what do we know about it?

1. It’s not going to come cheap

The entire process – named Projekt Grenadier – is estimated to cost £600 million. That’s an awful lot of money – but creating an all-new car can’t be done for a tenner.

2. There could be a hybrid

That’s right: a Landy replacement with a hybrid engine. Nothing is confirmed, but Ineos has said that it’s considering diesel, petrol and hybrid powertrains.

3. The project is named after a pub

Funnily enough, this whole idea was imagined in The Grenadier pub in London’s well-heeled district of Belgravia. It’s where Ratcliffe came up with the plan to make a Defender replacement – over a packet of nuts, we presume.

4. We’ve got an idea when it’s going to arrive

Ineos has claimed that the as-yet-unnamed Defender replacement will arrive in 2020.

5. Building it is going to involve a LOT of people

The project is so far estimated to create 7,000 direct and indirect jobs. Which is no bad thing.

We can’t wait to find out more and see it for real!

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