Hero Cops Try To Save Elderly Woman – Except She’s A Mannequin

Hero Cops Try To Save Elderly Woman – Except She’s A Mannequin

You’ve got to feel for the police officers involved in this rather hilarious story from New York.

Picture the scene. You’re a cop who’s just raced to the aid of an elderly woman after witnesses called 911 in tears saying they’ve seen someone unresponsive and apparently frozen solid in a car.

You bang on the window and get no response so break into her vehicle… only to find the frozen woman isn’t actually a woman. In fact, she’s not even human.

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Well, that’s exactly what happened in Hudson, New York, late last week. With snow covering a Subaru and what appeared to be an old lady frozen solid inside, first responders smashed a window to free her.

They quickly realised, though, that she was a life-like mannequin, complete with hair, teeth and realistic facial blemishes.


When the owner came back to his car, he was angry at officers for damaging his property. Turns out he works for a company that makes life-like dolls for people to practise CPR on.

Funnily enough, the Hudson Police Department was somewhat unimpressed that he was transporting the mannequin around in such a manner. One officer told TV station WTEN: ‘If it was a joke, it was in very poor taste. If it was a matter of convenience for him – carry your mannequin a little bit better.’

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No charges were made relating to the incident.

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