Hero Strangers Work Together To Save Woman From Burning Car

Hero Strangers Work Together To Save Woman From Burning Car

Most of us, most of the time, have a rather dim view of the people we share the roads with.

But this dramatic dashcam footage from the city of Binghamton, New York, might prompt a bit of a change of heart.


After a massive crash involving a semi-truck (lorry, to those of us on this side of the Pond) loaded with what seems to be concrete, a woman driving a white Buick Lucerne is trapped up against the median (central reservation) with her car now significantly engulfed in flames – courtesy of what seems to be a ruptured fuel tank.


The occupants of the cars caught up in the collision are at first naturally concerned for their own injuries, but it quickly becomes apparent that the woman in the Buick isn’t able to help herself.


A variety of people all start to work together to get her free from the burning vehicle, with some trying to force the pretty badly-battered doors while others attempt to fight the fire itself with portable extinguishers.


The unnamed woman is freed from her car just over two minutes after the initial crash, while drivers from both sides of the carriageway continue to try to extinguish the fire – ultimately unsuccessfully, as far as we can tell.


Surprisingly, despite the brutality of the crash, no-one received any life-threatening injuries, although 10 people were hospitalised for cuts and bruises. We’d guess the guy in the red shorts got a bit burned too.

The video was shared on Facebook by the Mayor of Binghamton, Rich David, who commented:

In a time of crisis, these brave individuals navigated through flames and broken glass to save a stranger’s life. The woman suffered only minor cuts and bruises. Miraculously, the crash resulted in no fatalities. We’re still attempting to identify those seen on video so they can be recognized for their efforts. On behalf of our entire community, I commend these unsung heroes as well as our local police, fire and EMS first responders. Binghamton is safer because of you.

We salute them as well – heroes one and all.

You can see the crash for yourself below:

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